La Banda

La Banda Shapes up for 2017

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With an exciting year ahead we want to share some of the things to look out for with the La Banda brand this year:

La Banda Spaces

Expect to see the launch of more luxury apartments in the La Banda name around the centre of Seville. We are building a network of high quality accommodation that caters to an image conscious trendy traveller who seeks an alternative to hostels. We will be focusing on concept, design, experience and high levels of customer service as a standard part of our brand image.

La Banda Radio

La Banda Radio is the new branch of the La Banda brand starting this year. As part of the ongoing rooftop concerts we host, promoting underground artists, La Banda Radio will feature a combination of live video performances, radio shows and DJ sessions. This will be focused on growing the La Banda Brand and identifying us as an accommodation concept that is anchored to music, culture and experience for travellers.